Cody Ellington


Cody Ellington is an M.S. student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State University. He received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from NC State in May 2017. As an undergraduate student, he worked with Dr. Williams to create an electrical circuit model of the lignin biosynthesis pathway for middle and high school students to use as a “hands-on” tool to study metabolic pathways and their function within plants. Currently, he is developing a computational model for the myo-inositol hexakisphosphate signaling pathway. Through his work, Cody hopes to help develop the next generation of computational tools for plant biology researchers to predict how changes in gene expression may result in new metabolic steady states in plants.

Contact Information

Room 3031, Engineering Building II
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
North Carolina State University,
Raleigh NC USA 27695.