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Alex Koryachko Presents Poster at the International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB)

EnBiSys PhD student, Alex Koryachko, presented his poster “Revealing Gene Regulatory Interactions of the Iron...

Congratulations Jina!

Last week Jina Song successfully defended her dissertation about her Mechanistic Modeling Approach for Multi-Enzymatic...

Lignin Breakthroughs Serve as GPS for Plant Research

The interdisciplinary Lignin Biosynthesis project team (enbisys page, project homepage) has published two new papers in...

EnBiSys Laboratory

EnBiSys is a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary research laboratory, focused on the development of targeted computational and analytical solutions for modeling and controlling biological systems. The solutions we develop are used to build and strengthen the transition from large-scale high-throughput –omics data to highly connected kinetic models in the post-genomic era; models that can be used to attain the depth, understanding, and comprehension needed to manipulate and control biological systems for a defined purpose.